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Smart review pro is a powerful and easy to use php based review system. Users are given the option to rate a product or service and leave positive or negative feedback based on their experience. It's functionality, simple layout and smart design make it an all-round great review script.

Studies show that 92% of online shoppers are always more likely to trust a 3rd parties point of view. Our script gives these potential customers a chance to get some unbiased feedback, and the reassurance they need to pull the trigger. Also, since the market is dictated by consumer demand, what better way is there to develop your product or service than by listening to what your customers have to say.

Smart review pro can be used for much more than consumer products. In fact, due to its ingenious design it allows the user to implement it for virtually anything from movie and hotel reivews, or even cooking recipe sites.

Its specially designed so that even people who have no experience using php or mysql can easily install and implement the review script seamlessly onto their websites. Its so easy to use, all you really have to do is drag and drop the main folder onto your FTP. Best of all, it literally installs in minutes.

Some notable features it has are the user login/registration system, admin cpl, 5 star rating system, and captcha security key implementation to keep spammers away. Best of all, unlike most high-end review scripts the smart review pro comes at an unbeatable price of $24.95. Click here to watch the script in action.